About Us

DST Group of Companies was formed in 2010 by IT management & engineering professionals to provide recycling solutions mainly for both Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment (UEEE) & Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Our mission is to provide solutions to reuse and end recovery of electrical equipments.

Singapore being the headquarters, it is supported by a global network of branch facilities such as in Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Indonesia. DST Recycling & IT Management Solutions was created specifically in response to the increasing social and political pressures to prevent undesirable and often hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic waste products when disposed of in an environmentally unsafe manner.

As a professional recycler of various Electronic Equipments, DST recognizes the complexities of environmental legislation which customers face. We provide a comprehensive package of services beyond physical recycling of assets, including advice on legislation, environmental reporting on waste disposal and total waste management.

We provide IT and electronics recovery, reuse and recycling services to OEMs, CEMs, compliance scheme operators, businesses and government organizations throughout the Asian Pacific and Australia regions.

By choosing DST your are choosing to work with a trusted Global company who deliver cost effective, legally compliant and environmentally responsible solutions.

We have helped divert over 1.3 million units of e-waste from landfill.

Why do Business With US?

Using services of DST Solutions.com.sg, you have guaranteed choice from brand name computers- from the industry’s top names- at great economical prices yet exclusive solutions. Going ahead, we also carry a vast inventory of component’s: motherboards, processor, hard drives, optical drives, cases and more. You’ll find emerging technologies as well, because at the end of the day, we love what we sell.

  • We provide the IT Solutions in POS Software, Educational Software, Web Server and Hosting.
  • IT Asset Management
  • Manufacturing of LCD, TV (LED and LCD), Laptop, 3G Tablet under our DST Brand Name
  • Huge selection of second hand IT products like photocopiers, laptop, PCs and monitor
  • Samsung product management
  • IT services (Network, VOIP, Repair Motherboard)
  • Supply full range of laptop parts


We guarantee that the items you are going to buy will be delivered to you in less than 48 hours


We guarantee payment term for customers up to 30 days from the receipt of goods


We love our customers and they can reach us any time of day we will be at your service 24/7

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