IT Asset Managment

DST Solutions offers a Lifecycle Asset Management Services

DST enable businesses to unlock the value in their redundant IT and computer hardware, software and communication assets.

Our services are governed by the highest security, environmental and ethical standards, legislation and requirements available, meaning that not only are your business needs met but your brand is protected too.

From auditing your sites to get your inventory details right, launching your Asset Management programme by designing, documenting and implementing standardized processes for managing the lifecycle of your Assets from procurement to disposal and including all IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Changes) that go on between these endpoints.

  • Audit – Physical audit of all IT hardware assets including network assets
  • Inventory – Maintain financial, maintenance, lease, site address, cost centre and component information
  • Procurement – Check against inventory and order new/required assets
  • IMAC – Tracking install, move, add and changes of an asset
  • Redeploy – cost saving opportunities

Challenges Addressed by DST IT Asset Managements

  • Knowing which assets you have, where they are, and their configuration.
  • Easily auditing your entire infrastructure, and deploy proper hardware asset management processes.
  • Tracking changes to your assets, such as new computers or software installations.
  • Planning IT migrations and new IT projects.
  • Correlating IT assets against business financial records such as contracts and licenses.

Many organizations are recognizing that they can maximize the value they get from their redundant IT, communications and media equipment by refurbishment and reuse options.

DST Solutions offers IT reuse options which allow companies to extend the lifecycle of their IT assets, therefore increasing the value returned.


We guarantee that the items you are going to buy will be delivered to you in less than 48 hours


We guarantee payment term for customers up to 30 days from the receipt of goods


We love our customers and they can reach us any time of day we will be at your service 24/7


  • Maximizing value from your IT, communications and media equipment
  • Creating another revenue stream via IT remarketing options
  • Reducing costs for maintenance by recovering parts and components previously lost in recycling
  • Supporting the environment by maximizing the life of otherwise redundant equipment
  • Supporting CSR objectives by donations
  • 100% guaranteed data destruction to government standards
  • Trust and peace of mind that you are working with a professional organization who understands your IT lifecycle and data security risks
  • All resold assets, will be fully tested and certified as working
  • Confidence that all e-waste will be handled responsibly

Key service aspects

IT reuse options

There are numerous options available to companies wishing to extend the lifecycle of their assets, they are:

  • Refurbish and Redeploy within your business
  • Refurbish and Remarket (sell externally)
  • Refurbish and Donate to charities, communities and projects
  • Dismantle and Recover parts and components – for reuse internally or for resale
  • Returns Management – Support your consumer take back programmes or warranty schemes.

100% guaranteed data security

We provide secure data destruction services which completely removes all electronic data, providing 100% protection against fraud and loss of sensitive company data.

We place great emphasis on protecting all data which is held on IT equipment, hard drives and electronic equipment, whether it is destined for IT redeployment, IT remarketing, charitable donations or parts recovery.

We work to the highest standards of data destruction globally which ensures that your brand, customer data and sensitive employee information are respected and protected.

24/7 Tracking and compliance

Our online asset tracking and management system is available to you 24/7 so you can track, monitor and create real time reports on the status of your assets. Our data wiping technology captures the asset data and sends this data directly to the tracking system, providing a robust and secure tracking system.


We do not export untreated whole or partial IT and e-waste.

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