Webcam with Microphone. PC , Desktop USB Web Camera, Streaming Computer Camera for Video Calling, Recording, Conferencing and Gaming.
Built-in high-quality Anti-interference magnetic rings, this laptop webcam does not be affected by the transmission of extra signal makes the fluency of video improve by 50%. No frozen, no Lag on the video conference.


Webcam Name Integrated Camera
Quality Rating 82
Frame Rate 13 FPS
Stream Type Video
Image Type Rgb
Webcam MegaPixel 0.31 MP
Webcam Resolution 640 x 480
Video Standard VGA
Aspect Ratio 1.33
PNG File Size 399.49 KB
JPEG File Size 246.49 KB
Lightness 72.35%
Luminosity 72.85%
Brightness 72.42%
Hue 320
Saturation 3.22%


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